Just a quick before and after today, fellow craft enthusiasts! I’m always looking to makeover lamps, especially if I can find the lamp and/or shade for free. I found an old lamp in a closet and set out to reinvigorate it. The final product ended up being crisp white and dark pink–my two favorite colors.

Crisp white lamp base paired with fabric-covered shade

Glossy white lamp base paired with fabric-covered shade

Supplies I used: lamp base, shade, damp rag to clean off lamp, painter’s tape and plastic bag to cover light socket, primer, white glossy spray paint, mask to prevent inhalation, fabric, iron, scissors, pencil, and scotch tape.

The before photo is nothing to write home about. This lamp had been relegated to the back of a closet for good reason. I liked the shape of the base, but the light blue color was far too reminiscent of a baby boy’s nursery and isn’t quite my style. Unfortunately I knew I couldn’t salvage the lamp shade. The shape was too dated and detracted from the clean, oval style of the base itself.

Lamp prior to redesign

Lamp prior to redesign

To prep the lamp, I removed the thin fabric strip at the bottom. I made sure to clean off all residue from the fabric glue. I also gave the lamp a once-over with a damp rag to ensure it was clean and dust free. Don’t forget to cover the lamp socket and plug before you spray paint it! I usually use painter’s tape to cover the socket and a bit of tape and a plastic bag to prevent painting the plug.  I completely forgot to take photos during the painting process–I’ll try to remember next time. I sprayed the lamp with one coat of primer, and let it dry. Only one coat of glossy white spray paint was all this lil guy needed!

Prep that lamp for painting!

Prep that lamp for painting!

Luckily, I found a great drum shade at Goodwill. Drum-shaped shades are my current favorite style–they’re modern but simple and go with so many different styles of bases. I had a gorgeous pink fabric that would be perfect with a white lamp. I ironed the fabric to ensure there would be no crinkles. I referenced this great tutorial to cover the shade. The instructions recommended using fabric glue, but scotch tape worked just as well for me. By using tape, I left open the possibility of recovering the shade in a different fabric in the future. Not that I have any intentions of doing so at the moment! I’m pretty happy with the result.

Only a few simple steps needed to create a fresh, new light!

Only a few simple steps needed to create a fresh, new light!

Happy crafting! -Olivia

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2 Thoughts on “Covering a Lamp Shade in Geometric Fabric

  1. Fabulous lamp makeover!!! I keep tossing my old lamps and always forget about spray painting them and adding fabric. Love your choice of fabrics.

    • OliviaSplendid on August 16, 2013 at 3:32 pm said:

      Thank you so much! Try to salvage your lamps and shades if you can! The possibilities are endless. Plus you can design them to perfectly coordinate with your existing decor.

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