I always keep birthday and get well cards family and friends have sent me. I used to keep them tucked safely away in a box, but I wanted to find a better way to store them. I’ve seen a few examples where cards are stacked and held together with rings. I wanted mine to be easy to browse through and still look gorgeous when on display.

Greeting Card Keepsake Book

Greeting Card Keepsake Book

First things first, choose your structure! I found an old binder that could easily be made over with some specialty paper. Gather up whatever supplies you have or make a quick trip to the craft store. I used a binder, three kinds of decorative paper, scissors, glue, tape, and a stack of regular paper–the latter for gluing the cards to. I had some great coordinating reptile embossed paper in yellow and gray that I had been dying to use.

Tattered now but won't be for long!

Tattered now but won’t be for long!

I covered the outside of the binder first in a great yellow textured paper.  The paper is thicker and more malleable than standard scrapbooking or origami paper. I’ve only seen it for sale at fine art stores like Utretcht and Pearl Paints and Dick Blick. Just wrap the binder as you would a gift. Be sure to use enough glue on the edges!  I added a rectangular gray strip of paper on the outside for added interest.

Greeting Card During

Outside of binder covered, but still needs more interest!

After I covered the outside, I cut three pieces of paper to size to cover the inside of the binder. Be sure to do this part after you’ve covered the outside to hide the folded over seams. I used a dark gray drawing paper to line the inside front and back. For the middle part of the binder, I glued a strip gray embossed paper. The heavier reptile paper doesn’t crease as much as normal paper does so it looks neater when the binder is opened and closed.

Inner workings--better than before

Inner workings–better than before

Gather up all your cards and glue or tape them onto paper. I had some extra sketching paper that I cut to the dimensions of the binder. After you punch the holes in the paper, you might want to reinforce the paper around the punches so the sheets don’t tear and fall from the binder. I organized the cards via date with the most recent in the front. Try out whatever style/method you want!

Try to fit as many cards/notes/mementos as you can on a single page

Try to fit as many cards/notes/mementos as you can on a single page

To finish off the outside of the binder, I cut a few circles of yellow reptile paper and glued them on top of the gray strip. I also added some small gray oblong strips to the spine. All in all, very happy with the result!

Greeting Card bookSee in what ways you can display your favorite keepsakes! Hopefully you’ll find the meaningful things you’ve saved over the years and make them into something beautiful and more accessible than a dusty shoe box.

Happy crafting! -Olivia

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