I’ve seen several of different styles of e-reader cases made from hardcover books. I went to a great craft fair where one artist was selling a bunch of really beautiful cases. Only problem—they were $80! Wayyyy out of my price range, especially since I knew I could make one myself.  I looked all over the house for a hardback book that would be the right size and thickness for a Kindle Fire. I also wanted the book to have interesting cover art and preferably be a book that I’ve read and enjoyed. My sisters and I loved reading Nancy Drew when we were growing up. We had loads of copies, and I had a feeling they would be the right dimensions for a Kindle Fire. After searching the house from top to bottom, I came up empty. I did find a few well-loved copies of the Hardy Boys, but I wanted to make this case for my sister, who was never a fan of those tricksters.

FInished & ready for use!

Finished & ready for use!

When I popped into my local library one day, I browsed the “For Sale” section and spotted a couple Nancy Drews! One copy was 50 cents—right in my budget. It was in great condition so I scooped it up and brought it home. I used an Exacto knife to separate the pages from the binding. While I was doing so, I felt oddly guilty for defacing such a memorable part of my childhood. I decided against tossing the pages in homage to one of my favorite mystery mavens.

The text can be removed easily & in one piece.

The text can be removed easily in one piece.

I wanted the lining to coordinate with the cover art, so I found a blue and white striped Oxford that I hadn’t worn in years. My sewing scissors donated it to this project. I cut the fabric to size and ironed it with extra starch. In order to attach the Kindle to the book, I used a couple pieces of elastic. I glued the elastic to the book and added a few pieces of tape for good measure.

Completed inside of Kindle case.

Completed inside of Kindle case.

To make a closure so the cover would stay together when housing the Kindle, I cut a small strip of yellow fabric. I glued one edge of the yellow strip to right side of book. I glued the blue striped fabric on top so the inner engineering wouldn’t show.  I attached a magnet to the back of the yellow strip of fabric. For added interest, I glued a flat yellow striped bead to the opposite side of the yellow strip. I glued another magnet to the front cover (right on top of Nancy’s shirt-sorry, lady!) to attach to the first magnet. Make sure to measure your connecting strip so the cover stays snug and closed when the magnets are attached.

Check out those handy magnets!

Check out those handy magnets!

I was happy with the right side, but I wanted to add some interest to the left. I cut a piece of yellow fabric and hand stitched my sister’s initials on it. A touch of fabric glue later, and the embellishment was stuck for good.

Kindle fits perfectly!

Kindle fits perfectly!

I surprised my sister with it, and she loved it! When you find inspiring items, see if you can create them for less. No doubt you’ll save a bundle and hopefully have some fun in the process.

Happy crafting! –Olivia

The title of the book is quite apropo, no?

The title of the book is quite apropos, no?

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