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While perusing my favorite Goodwill, I came upon this gorgey chair for $10. I knew as soon as I saw it I had to have it. It has great lines, is in really good shape, and isn’t too complexly designed for an at-home upholstery job. Upholstering can be a complicated task–you have to remove piles and piles of teeny tiny staples and be really careful when attaching the new fabric. I originally thought I would cover this chair in a bright yellow and replace the matching tufting buttons with white ones. The chair’s cording matches the fabric, but I wanted to change that white as well so it would really stand out against a bright yellow.


Mid Century Modern PRE-rehab

Then I found this tremendous navy patterned fabric at another thrift store. 3 1/4 yards for $13!┬áThe fabric has a retro feel so I think it will complement the chair’s style well. I’m hoping I’ll have enough to cover the entire chair, but fortunately the fabric is 60″ wide instead of the standard 44/45″. Fingers crossed some careful pattern placing will do the trick!

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