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I always try to save mementos from my travels. Pictures are great, but I love keeping ticket stubs, brochures, and odd bits from places I’ve visited.  I think its because I keep telling myself I’ll make these AMAZING scrapbooks that I’ll keep forever and ever and everyone who sees them on my coffee table will flip through them and gush over the wonderful experiences I’ve had. Sure. One day, O.Liv!  Over the years, I’ve amassed a bunch of coins in addition to piles and piles of papers. I saw this great tutorial by Indiri at Turning Stones and knew I had to make one for myself.

Coin Art Frames

Coin Art Frames

I thrifted these frames for a couple dollars each and knew they would come in handy someday. I wish I had taken a “before” photo! They were some kind of country. I think one of the images featured a heart and a basket with the caption “Home Sweet Home.” Not quite my style. Luckily the frames were solid wood and came with sturdy mats. I painted the mats gold and spray painted the frames a glossy white. I arranged the coins so the different kinds–Danish, EU, UK, and even some from my sister’s time in Africa and my brother’s in Asia–would balance each other.  Some of the coins were quite dingy, especially the 5 cent ones from the EU, so I placed them in a bowl with some hot water, vinegar, and salt to release some of the grime. After I dried them off,  I used my trusty E-600 to adhere the coins to some standard bristol board cut to size.  I had plenty of coins to do two frames. I hung them up in my craft studio as soon as they were dry. They’ve found a much better home now than their previous jar prison  in the back of my desk!

Happy crafting! -Olivia

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