I’ve got another big project in the works! Next item on the agenda: painting a campaign nightstand I picked up at Goodwill. I must admit, I’ve fallen victim to the current campaign craze. And fallen hard. I LOVE the style. The drawer pulls are great, and the corner hardware have just the right amount of interest without being overpowering. I have been keeping my eye out for anything campaign-style for a while and found one! The piece is in great shape and isn’t missing anything. I actually found a couple odd Scrabble tiles in the drawers. Bonus. What is the best part, you ask? It only cost $4.97! I’ll have to put some money into the supplies, but I think its a worthy investment.

Campaign Nighstand

Campaign Nightstand

The hardware is solid brass and in good condition. I’ll need to give it a good scrub to remove all the grime, but I’m sure the final product will be well worth the elbow grease.

Look at those sturdy drawers!

Look at those sturdy drawers!

 I’m currently using the nightstand as storage in my craft studio. The drawers are a good size and have been really helpful keeping my supplies tidy. The nightstand itself measures 24″x15″21,” which is a bit lower than the standard 24″-28″ height for a bedside table.

Onto the next task, paint color! I’ve done quite a lot of browsing around Pinterest and came upon a bunch of inspiring projects.

Blue Peacock Side Table

I love this makeover from Centsational Girl. She totally breathed new life into this table. The peacock blue really makes the gold hardware pop. This may be my favorite!

Painted Green Nightstand

Painted Green Nightstand

This nightstand is identical to mine, so its nice to see exactly what a painted version will look like. I’m diggin’ the color but I might add a tidge more gloss if I end up choosing this shade. In my carousing, I found some good advice on properly transforming a piece like this.

Raspberry Campaign Chest

Raspberry Campaign Chest

Ahh, too many gorgeous color options! I really like this dark raspberry/plum tone. It complements the gold accents well. Although I’m not sure plum would be appropriate for this project. While the nightstand is currently holding court in my craft studio, I may eventually want to return it to its original function once I redo my bedroom. Whatever the case, I need to be sure the paint color is versatile. 

Kelly Green Campaign Desk

Kelly Green Campaign Desk

Here’s another wonderful inspiration from Centsational Girl! This shade of green is quite nice. The Kelly looks awesome on this medium-sized desk but could also work well on the smaller scale of my nightstand.

I came across this great tutorial about creating your own campaign-style chest with a standard Ikea dresser, some hardware, and paint. If thrifting isn’t going your way, this sounds like a viable option!

I’ll need to mull these color options over verrrrrrry carefully. I certainly don’t want to make a hasty paint decision and end up hating it. Not only would a second gallon of paint be an added expense, I’d have to paint the whole. thing. over. again. No, thanks! I’ll just be extra cautious in choosing a color. I want to make the most of this terrific piece of furniture and this fabulous thrifting find!

Drop me a comment if you have any suggestions–I’d really appreciate them!

Happy crafting! -Olivia

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